This is a short list of the Professional Referrals that Metropaulitan Entertainment is very proud to show
of what people have to say about the live shows that I can provide.


There are many great sound mans in this world, but none of these mans possess quite the enthusiasm, work ethic, ear, instinct or tech savvy of Mr. Paul Stibal. Paul loves his job and makes you love yours to the point where, when I first met him, I thought maybe he was under the influence of performance enhancing drugs. Nope, he’s just really good. Every summer, when our schedule of festivals, private parties and weddings starts to blow up, he is my first call. I’m all like “Hey dude, can you do, like, a gazillion dates this summer?” and he’s all like “Well DUH!” and then we high five over the phone and the Blue Angels fly overhead as a bunch of babes appear as if from nowhere, all covered in tattoos and telling me how good I am at sports.

Mo Junk FM


Paul Stibal is a pro. He has great gear, great ears, and is the most attentive sound pro I’ve ever worked with. He stays on top of the board all night–tweaking, working, making it sound better every time he touches the faders. He doesn’t leave his mixer while the band’s playing (except for a short stroll into the audience to better hear what they’re hearing). He prides himself on knowing how to get the sound just right–and he does get it just right—every time. He’s always early, he works hard, he is a skilled listener and finds a way to give each musician exactly what they have asked for in their monitor mix. He is positive, fun and a delight to work with.

Jerry Gray Stray Voltage


Paul understands the balance between the bands wants and the venue needs.  He is professional and has top level equipment.  He is able to handle shows large and small.

Scott Gates

Owner, Wind Ridge Development Corp

Yo Paul Stibal, Thanks from everyone in the band. In a business where you constantly have to deal with load mouthed, drunken individuals, who constantly slur their words when trying to get a point across- You never held that against me! For that, I say thanks… Oh and special thanks for not telling my wife about that red head at that one gig! *wink wink*
Paul is a true professional. He’s been a life saver for many of our last minute production nightmares. We highly recommend him to everyone in the business of show. Hire him now, before a national tour snatches him up. You won’t be sorry!
Rico Estrada-Fire Eater-Boogie Wonderland

Your band is terrific and I was especially impressed at the quality of your sound equipment. It was clear and crisp and didn’t blow your ear drums out, so we could really enjoy the music. Thanks for talking me into the lights. In our small space, they really add to the excitement and mood of the room.

In a letter from
John Hooley
White Bear Yacht Club

Video of event

Paul Stibal has helped me with sound and lights for years.   He is only one I use.   He’s professional and is great at taking things as they come whether it is a last minute show or power problem during a show he will make it happen.  His rates are very good also.

Tim Mahoney

Paul Stibal is the consummate pro…he shows up early, goes over and above the duties of a sound technician and has a very high skill level that he brings to sound production. Paul has great people skills, an unsurpassed work ethic and tells great jokes…seriously…he is one of the most proficient techs in town. I, without question, recommend him for any mixing job. I also like the fact that he is folically challenged.

Kevin Thomas
Band leader: Power of 10

Video 1 Video 2 Video 3

The amazing thing about Paul as a soundman is that he ‘Gets it’ when it comes to great vocals, and getting a great overall mix for the band.

He has done incredibly well with the Bad Animals- A Tribute to Heart. The band Heart’s music is very diverse, full of multi-layered keyboards, 3 part Harmony vocals and and Guitar that has to be somewhat out front when it needs to be, but solid in the groove. Paul captures the energy, and it makes for a great evening. When it comes to great lead vocals, Paul is the bomb!

He’s the first guy I call when we need someone to cover for our regular guy, because he’s reliable, dependable and easy. I’ve worked with a lot of sound guys throughout my career, and Paul is in my top 5.

Leni DiMancari
Guitarist-Bad Animals- A Tribute to Heart
myspace. com/lenidimancari

“I’ve worked with Paul for years with a few different bands I’ve played in, Justin Bell and Lazy Susan, and my own project, The Jonathan Earl Band. It’s always a sigh of relieve to walk into the club, see Paul, and know that everything’s gonna run smooth and sound good.”

-Jonathan Earl
www. myspace. com/earlism

I highly recommend Paul Stibal for sound/lighting production. Why you may ask? Here are some reasons. Firstly, Paul is awesome to work with. He’s got a great sense of humor, and is easy to get along with. He rolls with the inevitable problems that arise during a live production, and works his ass off to create a great production. As a musician himself, he is much easier to work with than a lot of sound engineers in the area.

Second, Paul has always created great sound for us. No matter what the room, Paul has mixed it appropriately for the event and with great sound quality. I’ve never had a complaint about the sound when Paul is on the dials. I even made him mix for us in a big tin roofed barn once where the stage was feet from the guests, and he pulled it off.

Next, the rig that Paul uses is ideal. It requires very few outlets, and can be run virtually anywhere. Moreover, Paul’s lighting doesn’t require the large number of outlets that most do which is great. Since the light rig flat panel LED’s it is so versatile. It takes up far less room, and doesn’t create a lot of heat, so it can be squeezed into spaces that normal light systems could not. He also has a Haze machine, which is kick ass.

If you still need a reason to hire Paul here you go. He’s always punctual and very professional. I’ve never had him back out on a gig, or even be one second late. He always delivers on what he promises and can be relied upon.

The only downside to working with Paul is that he is so good to work with that you will be spoiled, and disappointed in most of the other sound engineers you have to work with after meeting him.

Max Felsheim
8 Switch, Root City Band, and others

“It’s always a great sound experience to work with Paul. Even ignoring the friendly demeanor right off the bat Paul is always professional and interested in everyone having the best sounding show possible. He takes great interest and pride in achieving the perfect monitor mix for everyone and checks in with you throughout the night to make sure there’s nothing else he can do to make that mix better. And when he needs something from the group to improve the house mix, he finds a way to make it work onstage so that your performance remains unaffected. If all sound techs in the region were half as courteous, professional and talented as Paul, it would be a better business.”

Justin Bell
-justin bell & the lazy susan band (ABSEY ENTERTAINMENT)

“We always used to have sound problems at Decoy’s…until Paul started running sound here. It sounds great now!”

-Summit Ave.

Paul is unique in his field in that he has a great ear for music and is very easy to work with. He also puts on a great light show. We’d work with him again … anytime.

Rattle and Hum

Thanks a “TON” for the great sound Saturday!! Hope to Jam with you again!

Face First

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