• Metropaulitan Entertainment is very proud to now offer a compact line array system that will compete with anything anyone else is providing.  RCF all the way around!

Of course, Metropaulitan Entertainment is here or perhaps there to help you with any sized show you may have coming up.

With the changing times and the ever changing needs of bands I have gone to a whole new pricing philosophy: pay for what you get, or perhaps need.

Lots of bands now provide some, or even a lot of what they need on stage.  In Ear Monitors is common.  Some even set the whole stage up and just hand the tech a whip.

I say if you make my job easier and faster by making some of your own investment, you should be rewarded for such.  Therefore, I’ve gone to a completely à la carte price system.

As far as I can tell, Metropaulitan Entertainment is the only sound company that has pricing listed directly on their site.

No More Systems!! Most bands don’t need a full rig anymore so why pay for something you don’t need.


Allen & Heath SQ-5 This is Allen & Heath’s latest design in mixers.  We are talking 24 bit/96 K,  48 channel / 36 bus digital mixer, ultra-low latency of <0.7ms $50

Allen & Heath GLD-80  This is the staple of the A&H lineup.  Super user friendly.  48 channels / 30 bus / 20 out digital mixer $40

Allen & Heath Qu-Pac This thing is a Qu-32 at it’s core so that makes it 22 inputs including 16 local XLR inputs with 12 local outs and the ability to expand to 32 inputs with a stage box.   Without question, the most user friendly iPad app. $30

Allen & Heath Qu-SB 18 in / 14 out Digital Mixer with remote wireless control.  Pretty much everything listed above for the Qu-Pac applies here as well.  $25


RCF Sub 8003-as ii These are some of RCF’s latest advances in Subwoofer design.  I promise, you have never heard anything like these before!  2,200 watts and only down 3dB at 35 Hz.  But, it’s not just low end rumble.  These have a fantastic punch to them as well.  $40

Yorkville LS200P  Don’t let the size of these things fool you, they pound!  When we are doing a show and we need a good low end punch but we don’t need or have the space for 18’s these can be the answer.  $20

Line Array Towers

RCF Evox12  This is the cream of the crop when it comes to Line Array Towers!!  1,400 watts class D amplifier.  A 15″ high excursion woofer with a 3″ voice coil!  8×4″ speakers on the column with 1″ voice coil on each of those! $65

Electro-Voice Evolve50  This is a great sounding line array tower to take on a show when we don’t need the oomph of the RCF.  12′ woofer with 8×3.5″ full range drivers on top.  500 watts to the woofer and 500 watts split between the full range drivers.   $35


RCF HDL 10a  You have an outdoor event and you want to make sure that every note and every word is heard perfectly?  This is your answer!  2×8″ woofers with a 2″ compression driver being powered by 1400 watts!  $35

RCF NX 32 This is the “it can do it all” speaker!  This sucker is all wood with a 12″ woofer with a 2.5″ voice coil paired up with a (get this) 3″ voice coil compression driver on top.  This allows the speakers to be crossed over all the way down at 700Hz!  So, essentially all the vocals are coming out of that horn.  You think these things throw?  Oh, 1400 watts as well.  $30

Yamaha DSR115 This is the flagship of Yamaha 2 way tops.  This thing is a beast!  A 15″ woofer getting 1,020 watts and a 2″ compression driver seeing 480 watts.  If you have a relatively small area to fill and we are looking for more punch than boom from the low end, these may be all we need.  They can hit 136 dB! $25

Electro-Voice ELX15P You need monitors for an outdoor stage that can handle filling an area with no walls?  Here you go.  15″ woofer 2 way monitor system with 1000 watts.  $20

Yamaha DXR10  These are some of my favorite vocal monitors.  If you are running vocals and don’t need the kick drum coming to you why waste the space with anything more than what you need for vocal reproduction?  1,100 watts being divided up between a 10″ woofer and 1.5″ compression driver (950/150) $10

Yamaha DXR12 So, we need to add a little more bottom to the mix.  Maybe it’s a vocal and keyboard monitor.  Here’s the answer.  We get a beefier woofer.  $15


Mics/Cables/Stands $20

Lighting and lighting accessories

Metropaulitan uses nothing but high power/high efficiency lighting

Front Lighting trees

I have up to 4 of my #1 light trees available.  Each of these consist of 2 Chauvet SlimPar Q12 and 2 Chauvet SlimPar Pro H lights $60

For smaller events, I have 2 Trees available with 4 high powered LED lights $40

Action lights

Elation Sniper 2R  This will blow you away!  The closest look you can get to a laser without it being a laser.  Want to see some examples? check out my YouTube page $40

Chauvet Intimidator Spot 255 Moving Head with 60 Watt LED $30

Chauvet COLORband Pix-M A moving head strip light.  10 lights 9 watts each $25

American DJ Inno Scan HP A super fast, wide focus, 80 Watt LED scanner $25


Chauvet Freedom H1 This awesome little battery light will help with any situation that we need wall or area lighting.  Each one is 10 Watts! and the base is magnetic. $15

Chauvet EZ Wedge Tri battery-operated, tri-color LED wash light 3 tri colored LED diodes $15

Dance Floor Lights

American DJ Stinger We need something to fire out at the dance floor to get them up and moving?  Here you go.  3 effects in one (Moonflower, Strobe, & Laser) $20

Haze/Faze Machines

American DJ Entourage Fazer The crème de la crème of hazers!  $40

Martin Jem ZR24 7 hazer  tried and true hazer $25

fine print below

  • There is a $.5 per mile charge added to all system A events.This is a 4 hour performance of 1 band. 3 x 1 hour sets with 1/2 hour breaks.
  • Digital Wireless microphone rental = $50 per show
  • Downtime charges = $25 dollars per hour for required downtime between setup and performance.
  • Each additional hour of performance = $50
  • Each additional band = $25

Recording of Live Show Options below:

  • Stereo 2 track board mixes on your thumb drive $25.   (I can give you suggestions)
  • Multi-track recordings (up to 18 tracks simultaneous available)
  • If I do the mix down of the multi-track there is no recording charge.  Simply $50 per song for mix down.
  • If you are to take the tracks elsewhere to mix down:
  • The charge is $100 for the recording if you provide the hard drive.
  • The charge is $150 If I provide the hard drive and transfer the tracks.

(if you are to bring a hard drive I have a list of acceptable drives)

Lighting options listed below:

  • Basic LED light system with two T bars with 4 LED lights each bar= $100
  • Metropaulitan’s Stage Front,  7 HIGH power (105 watt!) LED wash lights = $100
  • Add 8 High power moving head wash lights to the back of your stage for only = $200
  • That’s ONLY $300 for 7 HIGH power LED and 8 Moving Heads!
  • Add 2 RGB 3D lasers to your event for only $100




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