About Us
Metropaulitan Entertainment is a Minnesota based live sound and LED lighting company which is the culmination of many aspects of the entertainment industry. It comes from years of being in your shoes on stage counting on a sound guy to work with me; to going to school for four years learning the art of mixing music; to a semi-addictive fascination with LED lights. You benefit when all these come together at any show or festival put on by Metropaulitan Entertainment.

Metropaulitan Entertainment is your all out, it’s all about the show, provider right outside the twin cities here in Eden Prairie, MN. Are you a band looking for a live sound company for your show? Do you already have live sound at your event and need LED lights to take it to the next level? How about a bar or club owner looking to save a gazillian dollars in electrical bills by switching to LED lights? Metropaulitan Entertainment has you covered in all of these situations. In addition to the services listed here we also have DJ service for any event and music Programming for your bar or restaurant.

This is how the Fab 6 started their second set last night at McNally Smith.

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I am beyond words proud that I have been trusted to mix this absolutely Amazing live event. June 11, I have the honor to mix the debut performance of the Fab 6 at the college McNally Smith. This is a performance based on the later years of the Beatles. Songs they never performed live. I am to mix them live. To make them sound as much like the recordings as possible in a live setting. I am excited and nervous at the same time. Please join us.


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