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Live Sound Information:

Metropaulitan Entertainment is a Minnesota live sound company that is all about efficiency, starting right from the mixer itself. How do you get efficient in a mixer? Simple, you use a digital mixer. So that is what is used. No need for a huge rack full of external gear!  I have 3 different digital mixers to chose from, all with WiFi mixing available.

As far as different speaker setups I have two ways we can go about a show. For indoor or smaller outdoor events like a live festival in a neighborhood park I have several shorter throw speakers to work with. For larger festivals and tent events where we want sound to travel as far and be as directional as possible I have a compact line array system. I chose a compact line array system because I want the ability to customize my setup to your events perfect system.  My mixing and gear are all about perfect clarity.

I have a great lineup for microphones. I have microphones from

  • Electro-voice, Neumann, Shure, Oktava, AKG, Sennheiser and Audio Technica.

Metropaulitan lighting is always available for any show or event, indoors or out.

Live Sound Recordings:

Don’t forget, Live recordings are always available, stereo or multi-track.

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