Live Sound Information:

Metropaulitan Entertainment is a Minnesota live sound company that is all about efficiency, starting right from the mixer itself. How do you get efficient in a mixer? Simple, you use a digital mixer. So that is what is used. No need for a huge rack full of external gear!  I have 3 different digital mixers to chose from, all with WiFi mixing available.

As far as different speaker setups I have two ways we can go about a show. For indoor or smaller outdoor events like a live festival in a neighborhood park I have several shorter throw speakers to work with. For larger festivals and tent events where we want sound to travel as far and be as directional as possible I have a compact line array system. I chose a compact line array system because I want the ability to customize my setup to your needs. I also chose a compact line array system because I want my system to be more than just loud at your event. I want it to be as accurate as is possible. A perfect example of this is the subwoofers I use. I use multiple driver line array subs. The beauty of these speakers is the fact that they move just as much air and can go just as low as others’ big booming subs but mine do it in perfect tune without the boom!  At my show, I want you to truly know what note the bass player is playing.

I have a great lineup for microphones. I have microphones from

  • Neumann, Shure, Oktava, AKG, Sennheiser, Electro-voice, Sony and Audio Technica.


Metropaulitan lighting is always available for any show or event, indoors or out.

Live Sound Recordings:

Don’t forget, Live recordings are always available, stereo or multi-track.

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