LED Lighting

Metropaulitan’s Lighting

Metropaulitan’s LED lighting differs greatly from the average lighting or sound company that brings lights to a show has truss after truss of 300 watt Par cans. Each one of them can only produce one color. So for every color they want on the stage they need another 300 watt light. If they want a strobe, they need to add another high power light in their setup that can only do one thing, strobe. Metropaulitan Entertainment uses nothing but LED based lights for your event. That means every single one of my lights can produce almost limitless combinations of colors. Also, LED lights have effects built into them. So if I want a strobe I can just take any one of my lights and make it strobe.  I have LED thin par lights.  I have LED moving heads with either wash or gobo.  I also have LED scanners available and lasers to add even more effects.

Let’s say the average stage setup for a 300 watt par can lightshow has 8 green, 8 blue, 8 red and 8 yellow lights. If you can believe it, that is almost 10,000 watts of power! And that has absolutely no effects and maybe one or two chases that it can do.

Metropaulitan Entertainment’s whole setup with spot, wash, effect and moving heads is just over 1,000 watts. Hmm, I wonder which of these companies is more likely to blow a fuse or two at your event.

Oh, and don’t forget, LED produce almost no heat.

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