Metropaulitan’s Gear List is consistently being improved for every aspect of the products being used for your events.  I try to keep up this page to the best of my ability but I can certainly assure everyone that if there is any change to the list below it’s always for the better.


All mixers used are completely digital with the ability to mix wifi.

#1. Allen & Heath GLD80 Digital mixer running 40 in by 16 out.  Digital snakes for both front and back of stage.

#2. Allen & Heath QU-24 Digital mixer running 24 in by 12 out.  Digital snake

#3&4 2 Allen & Heath QU-Pac Digital mixers running  16 in by 12 out. With the ability to expand to 32 in.

#5. Behringer XR18

Digital Snakes Include

Allen & Heath AR2412

Allen & Heath AB168

Allen & Heath AR84


All speakers used are self powered.

6 Yorkville psa1 line array tops

6 Yorkville psa1s line array subwoofers.

4 QSC KW181 Subwoofers

2 Yamaha DXS15 Subwoofers

1 Yorkville LS200P Subwoofer

4 Yamaha DXR15 tops

2 Yamaha DSR15 tops

2 Yamaha DXR12 tops

2 Yamaha DBR12 tops

4 Yamaha DXR10 tops

5 EV ELX-15P tops

2 EV ZLX-15p tops

6 EV ZLX-12P tops

1 Marantz Rover (Battery Powered speaker w/built in wireless mic and Bluetooth)

2 Bose Classic L1

4 Bose B1

1 JBL Eon 10 top

Gear, including microphones are available for rental


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