Metropaulitan Entertainment can help you with your special occasion in two ways.  Either we can set you up with a professional DJ for your event or we can provide rental of the gear you need to make your event a success.

For the DJ side of things:

Laptop based mixing with several backup drives with almost 40,000 songs at your disposal. For gear there is: self-powered two-way speakers, self-powered subs, if required. wired microphones, wireless microphone.
Lights are all LED based, I have wash lights and effect lights, even laser. I also have moving head lights. I have a hazer for a light haze in the air to add effect to the lights. If the kids at the show want to chase some bubbles I can provide that too. This is the same gear that I use for my live sound company so we are talking about very professional gear.

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ALSO, for rental:

There has been a trend as of late of people using their personal mp3 players to do events. I say there is nothing wrong with that at all. What one has to remember with this idea is a home stereo is not going to do the job of a PA system and holiday lights will not take the place of effect lights.

Now, you can go and rent a small PA system and rent some lights. But do you have the time or know how to hook all this stuff up? Do you know how to program the lights to work with the mood of different songs? If you just set up the lights to always move with the music that is all they will do all night to every song. Imagine at your wedding, your first dance, with your family video recording this special event and when you watch it later all anyone can do is stare at the lights flashing all over the walls and floor behind you.

Perhaps just as important is the cost. The rental charges for the same speakers I will be using will cost you at least 80 dollars. To rent even just two of my effect lights will cost another 80 dollars. Rental of the most basic wash lights to fill the room with color will cost another 50 dollars. Renting a mixer starts at 30 dollars. And then a wireless microphone to do announcements will be another 25 dollars. We are well over 250 dollars and we haven’t even brought up stands or cables! By the way, who is going to come in early and set all this stuff up?

I have a solution. Rent me and my gear and bring your mp3 player and the whole thing is resolved. For THE SAME 250 dollars I will bring my sound and my lights taking all the weight off of your shoulders so you can just enjoy the event for 4 hours.